Automation And The Challenge For Colleges And Universities


A September article in New York Times Magazine discussed the challenges that colleges and universities are experiencing in both trying to bring in enough revenue to pay the bills as well as bring in a more representative student body with high achievement.

Many students who have high achievement know they have plenty of options to get funding, grants and scholarships to attend at a lesser cost. The article also goes on to explain that the influence of outside rankings has a huge effect on the school: If your ranking goes up, you'll likely receive more and better applications, but if it goes down, you could struggle to attract new students.

I believe that colleges and universities will continue to struggle with this challenge as there are fewer births (thus reducing supply) and more people questioning the value of a college education. Many schools are increasing their admissions and increasing their diversity of attendees. Others are going to need to improve their efficiency with where they spend their dollars to be perceived as a "good value." But it can be hard to cut costs.

FONTE: Forbes


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