Automation And AI: The New Frontier In Cybersecurity


Digital technology is changing the way we work. Employees are accessing their productivity applications from outside the physical workplace on an increasing number of mobile devices. Thus, the number of assets that internal IT organizations are expected to manage is rising, as are the amounts of data that need to be examined. Sensors for HVAC systems and intelligent CCTVs for physical building security are examples of IoT devices that are new sources of additional network traffic. The burden falls to IT organizations who are being asked to accommodate these advances in technology, but are confronted with a heightened risk to security in their businesses.

The scale and complexity of a company’s digital assets needing protection from malicious attacks and data breach has grown significantly. With so many potential points of entry for attack and a lack of talented security resources, it is difficult for businesses to respond and manually cope with the growing number of security events that occur in real-time on their diverse IT systems.

FONTE: Forbes