I Webinar 2022 - Polymeric and Silica Fiber Optic Nanosensors, Theory and Applications


I WEBINAR 2022 - Polymeric and Silica Fiber Optic Nanosensors, Theory and Applications 

31/03/2022 às 17h30

Palestrante: Prof. Marcelo Martins Werneck (UFRJ)

Resumo: In recent years there has been a meteoric rise in the use of plastic optical fiber (POF) for short-length data transmission and for sensors. The reason for this is that POFs can be connected to transmission components at low cost and using simple tools leading to a decrease of POF costs as much as the peripheral components, making it possible the easy access to this technology. POF sensors are relatively new to optical fiber sensing and for this reason, it is important to promote and divulge this technology in this talk that discloses its advantages and capabilities in the research and industry. This presentation will also deal with Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors. FBGs can be found in many practical and industrial application and it will be shown our experience in applying FBG in many types of sensors for the electric energy industry. The presentation starts with the general theory of optical fiber sensors and their common technologies and then on FBG and POF sensors theory. The focus then goes to several practical applications of optical fiber sensors, for both plastic and silica fibers, including successful field applications designed by our laboratory in areas such as Oil & Gas, Biotechnology and Electrical Energy. The following topics are presented and discussed throughout the talk: Principles of Polymer and Silica Optical Fibers; Principles optical fiber sensors; Optical Fiber Sensors technologies; Temperature Sensing; Strain & Force Sensing; Refractive Index Sensing; High voltage switch monitoring; Current & Voltage Sensing; Gas Sensing; Biological Sensing; Oil Leakage Sensing; High voltage and high current measurements; Gas flow velocity measurements.

O webinar será trasmitido pelo canal da SBA no YouTube (link).


Data: 31/03/2022 às 17:30h Local: Canal da SBA no Youtube Site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuwcFedrTUU